How to Evaluate the ROI of a Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity

How to evaluate the ROI of a low-cost franchise

Finding a franchise opportunity that’s both low-cost and profitable can be tough. But as any successful franchise owner will tell you, it’s well worth the work to identify a winning opportunity.

If you’ve spent any time looking for low-cost franchises online, you’ve likely seen many businesses that label their franchise opportunity “low-cost.” In truth, it’s easy for a franchise to call themselves low-cost. It’s not always easy for buyers to validate whether or not it’s genuinely any less expensive than other opportunities after considering the potential for a healthy return on investment.

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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Well-Known Franchise Brand


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When you think of businesses you frequent, or have heard of, you can probably envision their logo, colors, and fonts along with other design-based characteristics that make up that company’s brand.


Crowdspring determined that it takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo, but 5-7 impressions to recognize the logo. The increased exposure is likely why you’re able to quickly recall franchise brands, which makes the branding an important consideration when choosing to open a franchise for yourself.


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Should You Create a Budget Before Buying a Franchise?



When planning to buy your own franchise, one of the biggest considerations is money. Franchisees will often review the franchise disclosure document provided by the franchise they are considering and look at all of the startup costs and fees. But, just like any major purchase like a home or vehicle, running a franchise means there are going to be ongoing costs to factor into your decision as well.


It’s important to plan out a budget ahead of purchasing your franchise to maximize the likelihood and speed at which you reach profitability and to ensure that your plan to purchase a franchise is financially sound in the long run.


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What Does a Franchisor Look for in an Ideal Franchisee?

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Any relationship between two parties is a two way street; that goes for franchisor-franchisee relationships as well. If you’re looking into buying a franchise, you probably have spent a lot of time evaluating whether franchising is right for you. But, as you get further down the road to ownership, you’ll find that franchisors are evaluating whether you would be a good franchisee as well.

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Financing your Franchise with an SBA Loan

It’s no secret – buying a franchise is expensive and requires a large up-front investment. There’s a wide range in cost for franchises, from tens of thousands to more than a million dollars, and it’s unlikely that potential franchisees have that kind of cash lying around.

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