How to Work from Home with Your Spouse

How to Work from Home with Your Spouse

Working with your significant other from a shared home office, when done right, can be a great way to enhance your relationship and share a personal and professional space together.

According to recent research, more and more people are working from home both full and part-time. A 2018 report from FlexJobs found that 3.9 million Americans now work from home at least half the time.

That trend is expected to continue to rise in the future. The same report found that hiring managers are forecasting that more than one-third of employees will work remotely in the next 10 years. Recent Census data also shows that more and more Americans are working from home each year. Read more

Be-Your-Own-Boss Jobs: 6 Options for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

be your own boss

Want to trade in your nine-to-five job and work for yourself? You’re not alone. Self-employment is on the rise in America, right alongside the number of people earning six-figure incomes doing so, according to a recent report.

In 2017, the total number of self-employed Americans increased to 40.8 million. That’s up 2.8% from 2016, according to the report by MBO Partners. The number of full-time independent workers earning $100,000 or more rose to 3.2 million, up 4.9% since 2016.

In addition to earning more money, self-employed individuals are also reporting that they’re more happy and healthy without corporate shackles. 77% of self-employed survey respondents say they are happier working on their own than in a traditional job and 64% said independent work is better for their health.

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Is Running a Business From Home Right for You?

Home-based franchise business

Franchises come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.


From restaurants to retail stores, many of these options require you to make an investment in a physical space of some kind, whether it’s building space for you customers to fill in the case of a restaurant, or an office space to run the business from.


Today, home-based franchising is becoming an extremely popular option, especially for those who aren’t interested in the risks that come with purchasing or renting physical space. 

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Why Home-Based Franchising is the Perfect Career Change

Home-based franchises

Looking to make a change in your life that puts you in control of your career and professional future?


Joining a franchise is one way many people transition into a role that’s both professionally and personally rewarding for those who invest the time and effort to grow within their community.


Whether you find yourself stuck in a dying industry or climbing the endless corporate ladder, The Groutsmith franchise opportunity is one of many franchising options out there that gives you the chance to go down a completely new professional path with a home-based business of your own. 


Let’s explore why home-based cleaning franchising is the perfect option regardless of your professional experience or background. Read more