Why Groutsmith?

Looking for a business opportunity you can be proud to call your own?

The home services industry isn’t about reaching out to promote and sell, it’s about offering a professional service to those in need of a solution to their grout and tile restoration needs.

What does that mean for you, the business owner?

Getting involved in a high-demand service industry such as grout and tile restoration means a virtually endless stream of customers as homeowners and business owners in your area find themselves in need of our restoration and repair services on a regular basis.

Combine this with the outstanding line of professional products and tools we supply to our franchise partners, and it’s not hard to see why customers depend on local Groutsmith service providers for each grout and tile restoration project they need completed.

Be a part of a growing, recession-resistant industry

If you’re looking to start a business of your own, but are worried about losing your investment in a fragile industry, grout and tile restoration hasn’t only resisted the recession; it’s grown despite it.

Unlike other industries which rely on a stable economy to ensure customers continue to take interest in their products, grout and tile restoration is a need nearly every homeowner encounters regardless of economic conditions, giving you a steady stream of business while other markets struggle to keep their heads above water.

“Head and shoulders above any competition”

Simply put, our proprietary products speak for themselves when used by a capable professional––a title all of our franchisees can be proud to wear after our discovery and training process.

We also offer a complete line of Groutsmith consumer products formulated to maintain tile, grout, marble, granite and all natural stones. This provides each Groutsmith franchisee a residual income as their customers continue to buy our maintenance products year after year.

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