Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about The Groutsmith franchise opportunity? Check out these seven FAQs to learn more about what The Groutsmith has to offer.


How much money can I make as a Groutsmith franchisee?


Great question. The following figures have been taken directly from Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document to show you EXACTLY how much you can make as a Groutsmith franchisee. 

Average Annual Revenue per Franchise Location: $195,743

Average Monthly Revenue per Franchise Location: $16,312

Average Revenue per Job: $494


Do I need to have a background in home services to own and operate a Groutsmith franchise?


No. We train you to become the expert in your territory. No prior expertise or experience is needed before becoming a franchise partner.


What is the total estimated cost to open a Groutsmith franchise?


The total estimated cost to purchase and start a franchise is $30-$40,000.


Will my Groutsmith franchise have its own exclusive territory?


Yes, we take location very seriously, which is why each of our franchise partners receive a large exclusive and fully protected

territory to grow and build their business.


Can I speak with other Groutsmith franchise partners? How?


Of course. In fact, we encourage it! We will provide private contact information at the appropriate time throughout the discovery process.


How long has The Groutsmith been in business?


We started The Groutsmith back in 1992 and began franchising in 2010.


Will I be required to hire a staff?


No. You can operate this business as an individual or grow to a multi truck operation. Our franchise gives you the freedom and ability to grow quickly or at your own pace.


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