4 Reasons a Grout and Tile Franchise is The Perfect Choice For Veterans

Franchises for Veterans

The Groutsmith is proud to support the men and women who have honorably served our country in the armed forces.


Over the past 13 years, roughly 2.4 military personnel have returned to civilian life here in America. Over the next four to five years, another million will make this transition as well.


Within this group, roughly 22 percent are either starting a new business on their own, buying into a franchise opportunity, or considering one of the two options.


This chart from VeteranOwnedBusiness.com shows how the number of businesses run by veterans breaks down from state-to-state:


Veteran Owned Franchises

(via VeteranOwnedBusiness.com)


Many of these veterans decide to join a franchise rather than build their own business from scratch––a decision that can mean faster growth and better earnings over time using a business model that’s proven to work for others.


Wondering what makes veterans especially suited to own and manage their franchise operation?


Here at The Groutsmith, we urge veterans and non-vets alike to learn more about our franchise opportunity and get in touch with us to see if they’re a fit. But for starters, there are a few basic advantages a grout and tile franchise offers veterans in particular.


Considering a franchise as the next step in your post-military career?


Here are four advantages that can give veterans a leg up over the competition:


1.  Transfer your leadership and team management skills directly to a business


Strong leadership skills are essential to running a successful franchise. Fortunately for veterans, these are exactly the kinds of skills many take with them after moving back into civilian life.


Team management is an especially important skill all franchise owners need to have to operate efficiently on-site and in the office. With a strong sense of leadership and a knack for efficiency, veterans can quickly tackle the responsibilities of owning a franchise across every aspect of the business.


2.  Work with systems veterans can understand


One of the biggest advantages to franchising rather than starting a new business from scratch is the benefit of adopting a business model which has shown itself to be effective.


Implementing a business model that works for you requires owners to manage several systems each day to make sure you and your team are providing exceptional service to your customers each day. Many veterans rely on their military experience, training, and instruction to manage these tasks and deliver the kinds of outstanding service that lead to fast, sustainable business growth within your community. 


3.  Benefit from a rigorous training program veterans can understand


Although every franchise requires training in one form or another, here at The Groutsmith, we’ve created a training program designed to transform you into an expert in grout and tile service.


Although franchise training is a lot different than military instruction, veterans are likely to master their training sessions and apply their new skills to their own franchise.


4.  No prior industry experience is needed to find success


While other franchise opportunities are only available to those who have specific prior experience, anyone can become an expert in grout and tile service regardless of prior experience.


Here at the Groutsmith, we’ve built a business model that makes it easy for self-starters with a solid work ethic and strong people skills to succeed.


Whether you gained hands-on experience or managerial leadership skills during your time in the military, franchising allows a variety of veterans to apply their experience to a business opportunity they can grow well into the future.


If you’re looking for a business opportunity built to give veterans a chance to use their skills and experience to succeed professionally, contact us today for more information about getting started. 


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