5 Mobile Apps Every Franchise Owner Should Have

Apps for Franchisees

Whether you currently operate your own franchise or are thinking about investing in one, you probably understand that owning any kind of small business can mean a lot of work if you don’t keep things organized.

Fortunately, there are tons of great apps that can make life a lot easier and free up your time to focus on the work at hand. No matter what industry you’re working in or considering becoming a part of, here are five apps for franchisees to help them work smarter. Read more

3 Franchise Hiring Tips to Keep in Mind When Building Your Team

Free Franchisee Resources

Whether you’re a current franchisee looking to start growing your team, or still thinking about moving forward with a franchise of your own, hiring your first employee can be a daunting task for first-time employers.


Whether you’d like to start hiring immediately after launching the business or not, if you’re hiring, you’re on the right track for growth.


But especially for new business owners, the chaos of scaling your business up can make it easy to make a hiring mistake that can put a damper on your business’s future.


It’s incredibly important to hire the right person no matter how urgently you need to grow the team. The costs of employee turnover, including the time it takes to hire as well as potential damage to your business’s reputation can be huge.


So how do you ensure your first franchise employees are a great fit for your operation? Let’s go over a few important tips: Read more