Do you have what it takes to handle your franchise’s marketing?

woman working at a computer
There are different kinds of people who purchase franchises. Some like working on all the behind the scenes tasks that come with running a business (financials, marketing, planning, inventory, etc.) while some prefer to hire someone to take care of it so they can spend more time selling or working face to face with customers. Others fall somewhere in between.


When it comes to marketing your franchise, you may instantly identify with someone who wants to handle all the marketing aspects on their own, or identify as someone who wants to outsource those types of activities. But the in-between folks may not have a clear idea of what counts as marketing or what needs to be done to get their business out into the world and draw in more customers.


In this post, we’ll cover how to identify whether you’re a good fit for DIY marketing along with some tools and tactics that are must haves to reach your technology-driven customers. Read more