3 Simple Steps to Mastering a New Skill for Your Business

Learning a new franchise skill


It’s rare to find franchising opportunities that align perfectly with your prior work or business experience. Many new franchise owners invest in a franchise specifically to do something new and exciting.


But while owning a franchise can be new on it’s own, learning a new skill to carry out the work of your new business can be a frightening idea for many would-be owners. Fortunately, The Groutsmith, along with many others in the franchise world ensure their franchisees are true experts in their industry. After all, the quality of the work they do is a direct reflection of the quality of the brand.


But how do you actually become in expert in something in just a short period of time?


After seeing individuals come from all kinds of professional backgrounds, I’ve narrowed down the process to three simple steps that can turn just about anyone into a skilled expert with hard work and diligence.


1. Pay extra close attention to how the experts do it


Having a great teacher that understands how you learn best is often half the battle. In addition to being a great teacher however, they also need to be a master in what they’re teaching you.


It’s crucially important to take notes on tools, techniques, and personal advice your instructor can offer, especially when it comes from years of personal experience in the industry.


To truly master a new skill, it’s important to make learning a collaborative process. In other words, ask questions––a lot of questions!


If, for instance your training is carried out on-site, bring a notebook or tablet with you to note any questions you can address with the franchisor one-on-one after the session.


Never convince yourself you’ll be able to remember everything without writing it down. Having well-kept notes can be an enormously helpful resource when you go to practice your skills on your own.


2. Get out and practice as much as possible


After watching a skilled instructor show you the ins and outs of each technique and tool you’ll be using professionally, it’s time to devote yourself to a rigorous practice routine.


When starting out, it’s important to keep in touch with your instructors so challenges keeping you from mastering your skill can be addressed and overcome.


Most importantly, understand that it’s next to impossible to become a true expert overnight. True mastery of a skill means putting in the work necessary to make your skill second nature. View your failures as opportunities. Taking on risks with a strong will to succeed will eventually lead you to even faster and simpler ways to get your work completed with beautiful, professional results.


3. Teach your new skill to others


After you’ve built the confidence and experience to deliver your skills to clients and customers, there’s one more step to achieving true mastery.


The true test of an expert is having the ability to teach a set of skills to others. Here at The Groutsmith, many of our franchisees hire additional team members to help deliver outstanding tile and grout work to customers.


For those with on-site experience under their belt, taking on team members and teaching them the same skills you use to deliver amazing work is often the last step in cementing your mastery.


While it may seem like a chore, most people actually end up teaching themselves just as much if not more than the trainee. It’s a great way to transform yourself into a more adaptable, patient professional­­––two skills that become very important as you take on a leadership position within the business.


In addition, teaching your skills to others also allows you to see problems and solutions in a completely different light. Answering questions and helping others overcome difficulties can actually give you more ways to approach a problem than before.


Here at The Groutsmith, we offer a unique low-cost franchising opportunity to anyone looking to start their own business from home. Our training program is designed to transform anyone into a grout and tile specialist capable of delivering outstanding service to customers within their community.


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