3 Ways to Save Time Running Your At-Home Franchise without Cutting Corners



There are plenty of reasons for deciding to start an at-home franchise business. Some new franchisees are looking for more free time to spend with their family while others don’t enjoy working in a “corporate” environment. Whatever the reason for starting, many new franchise owners discover that running an at-home business involves a lot more work than anticipated.


New franchisees often start out very enthusiastic about running their own business from home, especially after all of the research that goes into choosing the right franchise to buy into. Before long, however, almost all new owners discover that running a business, even with franchisor support, is a lot of work!


Managing the day-to-day operations of the business while trying to actively market yourself can quickly become overwhelming. What was originally intended as a way to free up more time can become burdensome, which can lead to cutting corners in order to “make” more time.


Starting down the road of cutting corners for even simple business activities can lead to less enthusiasm for the business, which could mean fewer profits or, at worst, having to close your franchise. Finding ways to save yourself some time and increase your efficiency, without losing effectiveness, can make a big difference. Use the following strategies to get your life back, without sacrificing your business.

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1. Prioritize and Focus 

Making a to-do list of all of your tasks and then prioritizing them may seem like busy work. But having a clearly laid out plan for what needs to get done can actually help you accomplish more. And while multi-tasking may feel more productive, focusing on one task at a time is a better way to ensure that each task is given your full attention and will be completed to a higher standard of quality.


How you prioritize your tasks is personal preference. Some like the feeling of accomplishment and prefer to get smaller easy tasks out of the way first. Others like to tackle big projects right away. In thinking about the larger, time-consuming tasks, it is helpful to schedule time on your calendar to work on them without distractions.

2. Establish Processes

Some franchises offer more support in terms of business processes than others. If you are already using the resources provided to you, that is a good start.


Next, try to find ways to implement structure and processes into your own daily routine. While you may have gone to work for yourself to have a more flexible schedule, it can be very effective to establish a daily working routine. For example, it may work for you to start your work day and finish up at the same time each day or take lunch at the same time.


You can also establish processes for what you do during the work day. Tackling daily tasks in a particular order or certain time of day can cut down on the number of distractions throughout your day. Setting up templates for communications like emails or letters that you send often can also be a way to save time.


Remember that to-do list you created with all of your tasks? Consider setting that up at the end of each day for the next day. Wrapping up your day by reviewing your accomplishments and laying out a plan for the next work day sets you up for success, enabling you to get started right away instead of taking time to think through your daily plan.

3. Minimize Distractions

Minimizing distractions is a key element to having a productive work day. With technology at our fingertips, it is easy to get lost in web surfing, catching up on Facebook, or replying to emails. Try to limit these types of activities to when you are taking breaks.


Another consideration in minimizing distractions is maintaining a dedicated workspace, and keeping it organized. You’ll spend less time making room to work and finding things, and more time getting work done.


When you work from home, you have the ability to spend some time on home-related activities – dishes, laundry, etc. Just because you can accomplish these kinds of tasks doesn’t mean you should make them a priority or focus of your day. Try to treat working from home the same as working out of the home – while you are working, focus on your work.


These tips may seem obvious and simple. But once you put them into practice and are consistently following them, you’ll find your at-home franchise business is running smoothly and efficiently.


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