4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Grout and Tile Cleaner

Tile and Grout Cleaning


More people have tile in their homes today than ever before.


Why has tile become so popular over the years? It’s simple: great tile work is both beautiful and practical. When installed and maintained correctly, tile adds a layer of style and sophistication to any room and can withstand decades of use.


But to enjoy your tile year after year, tile and grout requires care––more than the average homeowner might think.


Depending on where the tile is in your home, how much wear it receives and how often you care for it, being able to adequately clean and maintain it regularly can simply prove to be too much for the unprepared homeowner.


Luckily, professional tile and grout services are now widely available in cities and towns large and small to help clean, restore, and protect tile and grout surfaces to help them last many more years to come.


Let’s briefly look at four benefits of calling the professionals rather than trying to get the same results yourself.


1. Avoid difficult work that could hurt your back and your wallet


Without proper training in the most effective tile and grout cleaning techniques, maintaining tile and grout is often an uphill battle. Most homeowners that go it alone work very hard to accomplish very little compared to what professionals can do armed with the right tools and training.


While store-bought cleaners may claim to completely clean tile and grout, the truth is, grout lines are extremely difficult to clean completely without the use of stronger cleaning solutions and professional-level equipment––products that aren’t available to the average homeowner.


2. Tile and grout lasts longer when maintained by professionals


Although opting to do it yourself might seem like money-saving solution at first, you might be setting yourself up for some expensive restoration or replacement projects down the road if your cleaning techniques don’t go far enough.


Combining various at-home cleaners might appear to work at first, but might actually be damaging the surfaces you’re trying to clean. Tile and grout cleaning services use cleaning solutions designed to remove hard to treat stains without harming the tile surfaces.


 3. Professional services restore tile and grout to like-new condition


This point is especially important for those with older tile work that has seen better days. Decades old-tile work doesn’t have to be replaced just because it looks too far-gone in terms of cleaning and repair.


Professional services can not only clean older tile and grout, but restore it to like-new condition using products designed specifically to de-color and de-stain old grout.


4. Tile and grout cleaning services ensure only the safest products are used to treat your surfaces


In addition to using tools and cleaning solutions that won’t damage your tile surfaces or erode grout, professional grout and tile cleaners also ensure their products won’t harm people either.


All too often homeowners attempt to use a cocktail of different solvents and cleaners to remove tough stains and bring their tile’s original shine back to life. But combining cleaning chemicals together and applying them on surfaces they weren’t intended for can be a huge hazard, especially when acids and bleach are used.


Professionals use proprietary products built specifically to treat grout and tile without including hazardous chemicals and harsh acids that can damage your home and your health.


Groutsmith is the leading expert in professional tile and grout cleaning and offers restoration and repair services as well. Contact us to get started on your next project and leave the work to the professionals, enabling you to enjoy your tile and grout for years to come.

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