7 Myths & Facts About Cleaning Tile and Grout

Myths about cleaning tile and grout

Maintaining tile and grout isn’t as easy as many think it is after installing it for the first time. Treating tile and grout like any other surface in your home simply isn’t enough to keep it from staining and gradual deterioration. Like many other surfaces, it requires special care.


Properly cleaning tile and grout is a challenging task for the average homeowner––the key reason why so many people reach out to grout and tile cleaning and restoration professionals to ensure the work is done properly.


The correct methods to properly clean tile and grout are rarely followed by most who try to maintain it themselves, simply because they’re given bad information or assume they can maintain it properly with the same cleaners they already use.


To clear up the common misconceptions, here are 7 myths and facts to help you better understand how to keep your tile in like-new condition well into the future.

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