Do you have what it takes to handle your franchise’s marketing?

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There are different kinds of people who purchase franchises. Some like working on all the behind the scenes tasks that come with running a business (financials, marketing, planning, inventory, etc.) while some prefer to hire someone to take care of it so they can spend more time selling or working face to face with customers. Others fall somewhere in between.


When it comes to marketing your franchise, you may instantly identify with someone who wants to handle all the marketing aspects on their own, or identify as someone who wants to outsource those types of activities. But the in-between folks may not have a clear idea of what counts as marketing or what needs to be done to get their business out into the world and draw in more customers.


In this post, we’ll cover how to identify whether you’re a good fit for DIY marketing along with some tools and tactics that are must haves to reach your technology-driven customers. Read more

Why Location Matters when Opening a Franchise

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When you’re looking to purchase a home, one of the main considerations is location. The same consideration applies when you’re looking to purchase a franchise. And whether you are opening a brick and mortar store or operating the franchise from within your home, your overall location can play a big part in your success. Read on to learn what you should look for and some red flags when evaluating your future franchise home.

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How to Get the Most Out of a Franchise Trade Show

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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably attended a trade show at some point in your life. These events typically have booths featuring various businesses along with presentations covering relevant topics. There are trade shows for all sorts of industries, including franchising.

Before you rush out to the nearest event, there are a few things you should do to prepare yourself to get the most out of a franchise trade show.

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How to Get Your Franchise Found Online

How to Get Your Franchise Found Online


One of the most important aspects of building a successful franchise is ensuring that your business can be found by your customers. A consumer research survey has found that 97% of people have begun their search for a business online, with 54% searching for a business at least once a month.


If your business isn’t getting found online, that means fewer potential customers are visiting your business. Read on to learn how you can begin building your digital presence and get your franchise found.

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4 Ways to Advertise Your New Franchise

How to Advertise a Franchise

One of the biggest challenges of opening a new business is getting in front of potential customers.


Since most people in your area likely haven’t heard of you, a few well-placed ads can generate immediate interest in your business, especially among those who are in need of what you offer but haven’t had an opportunity to buy from a local vendor or service provider until now. 


Whether you’re looking for more traffic to your website or simply want the phone to ring, advertising a franchise locally can be done without costing an arm and a leg. When done well, it will pay for itself and then some. Read more