How to Write a Business Plan for Your Franchise


A business plan is just what it sounds like – a plan for your business. Of course, it’s more than that. Well-written business plans include many details on the goals you have for your business, what the market looks like, and the steps you’ll take to make your business succeed.


Business plans are used not only as a roadmap to success, but as proof that you’ve got a well-thought-out plan in place in the event you are looking to secure financing for your business.


Read on to learn some franchise-specific tips to crafting a business plan that works for your business.


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6 Personality Traits for Successful Franchise Ownership

Calculated Risk


Anyone considering buying and running a franchise, asks themselves if they have what it takes to be successful. There are plenty of external factors that have an impact on success. These include things like the how well the franchise is doing as a whole and how the local market will respond. But there are also internal factors, like personality traits, that point to running a successful franchise. Read on 6 personality traits that most successful franchisees possess.


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4 Resolutions for Franchise Growth in 2017

2017 business growth

With January approaching quickly, our thoughts often turn to making resolutions for the upcoming year. When you think of resolutions, you probably think of the common ones that you can apply to your personal life. But, as a franchise owner, there are ways you can set up resolutions to grow your business. The best part about the following resolutions is that they are not likely to be tossed aside by February. Putting them in place now will position you for success throughout the year.

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3 Tips for Franchise Owners to Reduce Holiday Stress

holiday stress

The months of November and December can be a little hectic for any business. The holiday season puts stress on consumers and business owners alike. But there are a few areas of your business you can focus on ahead of time to minimize the holiday stress. If you’ve ever arrived at January 2 needing another holiday, you may want to apply the following ideas during this upcoming season.

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How to Open a Franchise With Little Money

How to buy a franchise with little money


Whether it’s buying a franchise or starting a business from scratch, the dilemma is the same: you need money to make moneyEvery year, thousands of would-be franchise owners give up their dream of business ownership simply because they don’t have the means to get their franchise off the ground.


First, some much-needed perspective: Just about no franchise owner buys a franchise with all the capital they need right off the bat. Similar to buying a home, franchising only requires a few fees up-front while other expenses can be offset by the revenue you bring in through the business. 


Just about every new business owner and franchisee finances their endeavor one way or another, even when they have the cash to spend. If you’re in need of some funding help, here are three ways to open a franchise with little cash:

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