4 Ways to Advertise Your New Franchise

How to Advertise a Franchise

One of the biggest challenges of opening a new business is getting in front of potential customers.


Since most people in your area likely haven’t heard of you, a few well-placed ads can generate immediate interest in your business, especially among those who are in need of what you offer but haven’t had an opportunity to buy from a local vendor or service provider until now. 


Whether you’re looking for more traffic to your website or simply want the phone to ring, advertising a franchise locally can be done without costing an arm and a leg. When done well, it will pay for itself and then some. Read more

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Well-Known Franchise Brand


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When you think of businesses you frequent, or have heard of, you can probably envision their logo, colors, and fonts along with other design-based characteristics that make up that company’s brand.


Crowdspring determined that it takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo, but 5-7 impressions to recognize the logo. The increased exposure is likely why you’re able to quickly recall franchise brands, which makes the branding an important consideration when choosing to open a franchise for yourself.


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What Does a Franchisor Look for in an Ideal Franchisee?

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Any relationship between two parties is a two way street; that goes for franchisor-franchisee relationships as well. If you’re looking into buying a franchise, you probably have spent a lot of time evaluating whether franchising is right for you. But, as you get further down the road to ownership, you’ll find that franchisors are evaluating whether you would be a good franchisee as well.

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Are You Ready to Buy a Franchise this Year?

Thinking about buying a franchise in 2017? If the idea of owning a franchise just popped up on your radar, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Read on to gain some insight into the steps you’ll likely need to take before committing.

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How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

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Anyone who owns and runs a business opens themselves up to both positive and negative online reviews. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, or whether you started your business from scratch or are a franchisee—online reviews are one of the easiest ways for customers to express their feelings about their experience with a specific company or their product.


And these days, digital reviews are everywhere! From dedicated review sites like Yelp to digital storefronts that allow on-site product reviews, it’s simple for people to quickly post a review online.

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