Franchise Fees: A Simple & Definitive Guide

What is a franchise fee?

Fees are one of the key decision-making factors for those looking into buying a franchise. What is a franchise fee, exactly? What do they cover? How much are they? When do I need to pay them?  This simple and definitive guide will answer all of these questions and more. 


To keep this as simple as possible, we’ve broken franchise fees down into their two main categories: Initial fees and ongoing fees. Let’s tackle each of them one by one.


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5 Things To Do After You’ve Found the Right Franchise

Franchise research


So your search for the right franchise is finally over. After hours of research, you’ve found an industry and a brand that speaks to you and your goals as a business owner. But the relief of finding a great franchise opportunity quickly turns into an important question you may or may not have considered until now:


What do I do next?


Obviously, you’ll need to connect with the franchisor, but there are a few things to do to get a better idea of the business before reaching out to get the ball rolling.


The internet allows franchise buyers to learn much more about the opportunity than they could previously, and smart franchise buyers use all of these resources to their advantage before moving forward with a purchase.


To help you find these resources yourself, we’ve put together a simple 5-step guide covering all the next steps to take after finding the perfect franchise opportunity.

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Is Franchising Right for You?

Is franchising right for me?

Franchising is an increasingly attractive option for those who want to run a business of their own, but don’t have the experience needed to start one from scratch. Franchising provides a unique set of benefits including an already established product, widespread brand recognition, operational support, training, and quick access to products––advantanges that don’t come easy when starting from square one.


Franchises are most successful when the business owner has done adequate research and is confident they’re a good match for the company. If you’re considering a franchise of your own, ask yourself the following questions before proceeding to be sure you’re a good fit:


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5 Reasons Tile Flooring is So Popular Today

Why tile is popular


There’s no shortage of options when it comes to new flooring. Sometimes, the decision is a purely practical one. What will be the most useful for a particular room? Other times, it’s a question of style. What kind of material will fit the look and feel of the rest of the room?


Throughout the years, flooring materials have passed in out of style but a handful have remained popular despite the current trend. Tile is one, if not the most resilient of the bunch both in terms of both style and durability for a variety of reasons. Since antiquity, tile has been a popular staple in homes all over the world. More recently, tile has seen a big resurgence among homeowners all over the country.


Let’s explore some of the biggest reasons behind tile’s popularity and why many are finding the tile and grout industry a lucrative one to get involved with.

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How Much Low-Cost Franchise Owners Make: A Quick-Guide

Low Cost Franchises Offer Huge Potential

Low costs mean low rewards, right?




According to a 2015 study from the Franchise Business Review, prospective franchise owners looking to invest in a low-cost franchise opportunity––one that costs less than $100,000––can make just as much in earnings as the higher price options.


Earnings aren’t the only advantage, though. The study also found that those making smart low-cost franchise investments often have a “more flexible lifestyle,” and are often given the same high level of support from their corporate offices as more expensive franchise opportunities.


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